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Treatment for Gum Disease and Decay

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is an infection that affects your gums and surrounding soft tissue. It’s caused by bacteria that builds up. The best way to prevent it is by brushing, flossing, and making good nutritional choices every day.

The infection usually starts in small gaps between your teeth and gums. It might look like insignificant swelling or bleeding. If left untreated, the infection will move below the gum line and create large clusters of bacteria around the roots of your teeth.

As the disease becomes more severe, the bone around your teeth and jaw will decay, and possibly require surgery. We’ll do everything we can to keep the infection getting worse.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Rinse Infection & Disease Away From Healthy Gums

Our office offers ultrasonic teeth cleaning in addition to oral hygiene cleaning and scaling and root debridement to help keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

This equipment is basically a tooth scaler with a special tip that vibrates a stream of water at a high rate to flush out bacteria below your gums. It rinses infection and debris away from healthy gums.

The tip glides over the surface of the tooth and removes hard buildup and calcium deposits better than hand scaling can. The stream of water can smooth out small bumps and divots to help keep tartar from building up on the surface of your tooth.

Treatment for Repeated Periodontal Flare-ups

Many people experience repeated infection caused by periodontal disease and enlarged pockets around teeth. Our office provides periodontal maintenance when you experience repeated periodontal.

If you need a more diligent oral hygiene routine, you’ll need to come in for more frequent dental cleaning appointments. If a periodontal infection is allowed to progress, the amount of damage increases at a faster rate.

We create a customized schedule for each patient to avoid significant damage to teeth and gums while also supporting your overall health. Typically, a deep cleaning (root debridement) is performed to remove infection below the gum line.

We’ll measure how deep the pockets around your teeth are, and perform scaling and root planing to decrease the buildup on your teeth, which will, in turn, prevent future infection.

If you experience painful, swollen or bleeding gums, contact our office.


Scaling and Root Planing

Remove Tartar, Plaque, & Bacteria With a Deep Cleaning

During your dental cleaning, our hygienists look for signs of periodontal infection. If we notice periodontal disease, we may do a treatment called scaling and root planing. We’ll deep clean your teeth and below your gum line to remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria that have formed.

Your hygienist may use an ultrasonic scaler, periodontal hand scalers, or curettes to remove all deposits on the surface of your tooth and below the gum line. Most appointments require a mild anesthetic to help relieve your discomfort and stress.

This procedure helps smooth the areas affected by the disease, tighten gum tissue, and prevent future build up.