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Whiten Your Teeth From the Inside Out

Occasionally after a root canal, you may see that your tooth looks darkened or discolored. That’s because blood, saliva, and bacteria may enter the tooth.

Unfortunately, this is an occasional side effect when the pooling of these liquids make an unsightly grey, black or dark spot on your tooth. Traditional teeth whitening with trays won’t work, sadly.

This treatment only bleaches your teeth from the outside. Don’t worry—your Willits dental team can help you erase the dark spots and reverse discoloration from root canals with our internal tooth bleaching treatment.


Internal Bleaching Procedure Process

How do we do that?

1. First, you’ll visit Willits Modern Dentistry and we’ll start by using a syringe to add a whitening peroxide gel compound to the inside of your actual tooth.

2. You’ll go home, and for about a week, the peroxide gel works inside of your tooth, whitening it from the inside until it’s as good as new.

3. Finally, when you return to our Willits dental office, we’ll remove the peroxide gel from the enamel of your tooth.


You should know that this procedure isn’t for regular tooth whitening treatment. Call Willits Modern Dentistry if you need to whiten a dark spot created by a root canal treatment.