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Treating Root Canals Through the Inside

Did you know that you can only see about one-quarter of each tooth? All the rest of your teeth are surrounded by bone and tissue.

If you looked inside each one of your teeth, you’d see nerves and arteries within one or more canals. The pulp is what we call all of this material inside your teeth.

Many people around Willits experience pulp infections, inflammation, and irritation, and that can be due to tooth decay or some other sort of oral trauma.


Treatment & Re-Treatment

If your pulp gets infected or irritated, you’ll need a root canal so you don’t lose the whole tooth. What’s involved with root canal treatment?

You may have heard some scary things about root canals, but you probably won’t be in any pain, thanks to the modern technology at our dental office in Willits.

When your Willits Modern Dentistry doctor treats your tooth with a root canal, they’ll remove the pulp and nerve surrounding your tooth. They’ll also clean out any infection and seal the area to provide protection.

Your Willits dentist will drill a small hole in the top of your tooth and clean out any infected or dead pulp. Then they’ll sterilize the area and fill it with material specific to your needs.


Willits Endodontic Services

At Willits Modern Dentistry, we offer two endodontic services.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment can clear an infected tooth and relieve your pain.

Internal Bleaching

You can lighten deep stains in treated teeth with internal bleaching.