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Endodontic Root Canal Treatment and Retreatment

Every tooth in your mouth is surrounded by bone and tissue. Only about one-quarter of your tooth is visible.

Each tooth has a canal or canals with a vein, artery and nerve inside. Everything inside the tooth is normally called the pulp. The pulp can become irritated and infected because of trauma or decay.

Root canal treatment may be needed to save your tooth. We’ll make a small hole on the top of your tooth and clean out any infected or dead pulp. Then we’ll sterilize the area and fill with material specific to your needs.

The whole process usually takes one or more appointments, depending on the number of roots.

Our Endodontic services include:

Root Canal Treatment

Relive a painful or infected tooth with root canal treatment.

Internal Bleaching

You can lighten deep stains in treated teeth with internal bleaching.