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Dental Bridge Treatments

Willits Modern Dentistry provides bridge treatments to patients all around the Willits area.


About Dental Bridges in Willits

If you live around the Willits area and have missing teeth, consider a dental bridge. Your Willits dentist cements a fixed bridge appliance to your surrounding teeth on either side of the missing space.

While you can remove partial dentures, bridges stay fixed, like implants. They’re permanent.

Dr. Costa customizes the artificial teeth and crowns to make sure they fit right and look great. A bridge will close spaces left by missing teeth, empower your bite, lower the chance of shifting teeth, and give you beautiful, natural-looking results.


FAQs About Dental Bridges

What’s a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a way to replace a missing tooth. At Willits Modern Dentistry, you can get this appliance if you want to replace one or more teeth but don’t want to wear dentures or commit to surgery for permanent dental implants.

The new tooth is held in place by two crowns. It looks natural and consists of a ceramic or porcelain material to match the surrounding teeth.


Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

Are you missing teeth? Can you keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy with regular brushing and flossing? Dental bridges from Willits Modern Dentistry give you a fantastic way to replace your missing teeth and restore a healthy and confident smile.

Missing teeth can often cause problems with chewing or speaking, and they also don’t look very good to other people. If you don’t immediately replace missing teeth, the teeth around the open space tend shift toward it.

Bridges correct your bite, which improves your chewing and speech. It also improves your cosmetic appearance by keeping your facial features from collapsing and making you look old ahead your time.


What’s the Process for Getting a Bridge?

For a traditional fixed bridge, you’ll come to two different appointments.

  1. First, your dentist takes specific notes about the size, shape, and color of your teeth. You’ll also let us take impressions of the teeth all around the area with the missing tooth.
  2. Then, we send your information to a licensed dental ceramist at a special lab. The dental ceramist makes a high-quality replacement tooth.
  3. When we receive your bridges from the lab, you’ll come back to our Willits dentist's office for your fitting. Your Willits Dentist will place your permanent dental bridge on the two teeth surrounding the missing tooth.


Is a Bridge Right for Me?

A dental bridge helps you eat normally and talk without feeling self-conscious or worrying about your new tooth becoming loose or falling out. A bridge can be a great fit if you have an active lifestyle around Willits and you don’t want your teeth to control your life.

Find out if a dental bridge is right for you by scheduling an appointment at Willits Modern Dentistry.