Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Rued offers many procedures to repair the functionality of your teeth and mouth. If you are in pain, know that our professionals are here to provide support and alleviate your discomfort.

Cavity Fillings

When cavities, or small holes, begin to form on your teeth it is important that they be filled as soon as possible. Dr. Rued stresses the importance of this because these holes compromise the strength of your teeth, making chips and severe breaks much more likely. Additionally, since the surface of the tooth has been penetrated, these holes can lead to severe infections to the interior of your tooth, which eventually will lead to a root canal. At Henry Rued, DDS we have several options available for treating cavities.

  • Amalgam
    The most traditional, proven method for treating a cavity is by using an amalgam (silver-mercury based) filling. Although there have been some health concerns due to toxicity of mercury there has been no conclusive evidence that amalgams pose any threat when used in dentistry. Today they continue to be popular due to their durability, and they are the best choice for larger cavities that must endure the stresses of heavy chewing.
  • Composite
    Another option to treat a cavity is to use a composite resin filling. This method is preferred by many because the coloring of the filling can be matched to the natural shade of tooth color, making them (if at all) much less visible than amalgams. They provide significant strength to the restoration, though less than an amalgam, so they are best used on small to mid sized cavities that will endure moderate chewing pressure. Also there is less drilling required for this type of filling, so more of the natural tooth can be preserved.

Dr. Rued is very experienced at determining the best style of filling based on each patient’s needs, and he will be sure to take great care reviewing your case. Cavities will usually be identified during a dental exam, and then filled at a future appointment. If you need to schedule an exam, a cleaning or for more information on cavity fillings in Willits, Ukiah, and Mendocino, CA, contact Dr. Rued.

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At Henry Rued, DDS, your Willits dentist will typically use onlays and inlays when cavities on the chewing surface of rear teeth have become too severe to be treated with traditional fillings. The difference between an onlay and inlay is determined by the positioning of the damage in regards to the chewing surface of the tooth. If the damage is restricted to within the depression (within the cusps) of the tooth it is an inlay. If more extensive damage has progressed and the cusps must be recreated, it is an onlay.

Dr. Rued can create your onlay or inlays using gold, porcelain, or a composite resin colored to match your natural tooth. The latter two options are the most popular today due to their aesthetic appearance, but gold is still available. Utilizing CEREC®, Dr. Rued can create natural-looking porcelain inlays and onlays in a single visit. When making gold inlays and onlays, it is a 2 step process in which a high quality lab is used to make your restoration. For high quality onlays and inlays in Willits, CA, as well as the surrounding areas of Ukiah and Mendocino, contact Henry Rued, DDS.

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Same Day Crowns

A porcelain dental crown is a hollow cover that fits over a tooth. Porcelain crowns are an integral piece of restorative dentistry because of their versatility in the treatment of a wide range of tooth problems. In Willits, CA, Dr. Rued uses crowns to strengthen teeth that are chipped or cracked, to seal teeth that are temperature sensitive, and to close gaps between teeth. Crowns are also used as components in root canal procedures and to build dental bridges.

During your appointment at our Willits office, Dr. Rued will remove any damaged or decaying enamel to make room for the crown, Dr. Rued uses a computer image so that your crown will be perfectly fitted to your mouth’s specifications. Colored to match your natural shade of tooth enamel, the crown will be indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth. When prepared, the crown is then slipped over the remains of the old tooth and bonded into place, making a strong restoration that can be used just as you do your normal teeth. For dental crowns in Willits, or the surrounding areas of Ukiah and Mendocino, contact Henry Rued, DDS today.

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Dental Bridges

At Henry Rued, DDS a dental bridge is an effective and simple solution that can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. As well as being unattractive, missing teeth can cause significant problems because having a space between teeth can inhibit proper eating and speaking. To create a strong, new tooth or teeth, Dr. Rued first takes precise measurements of the gap. Using these measurements he will carve a replacement tooth from a block of porcelain and perfectly match the color to your surrounding teeth. The sculpted replacement is then bonded so that it is suspended between two porcelain dental crowns. These crowns fit over the teeth adjacent to the gap and are bonded to hold the bridge in the correct position. Once the procedure is completed, bridges can be used normally. For the highest quality dental bridges in Willits, CA, as well as the surrounding areas of Ukiah or Mendocino, call Dr. Rued’s office to schedule an appointment.

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