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Custom Made MouthguardsThey’re not just a “football thing”

Football’s behind us, and the spring sports season is just around the corner.

The National Institute of Dental Research reports a dramatic drop in mouth and face injuries to football-playing youngsters since the 1960’s, largely due to rules established requiring use of mouthguards and headgear.

But football isn’t the most popular school-age sport: baseball and softball are. Nearly one in four kids play some form of our national pastime.

Researchers found that only 35% of young baseballers wear protective headgear and 7% mouthguards most of the time. And among soccer players barely 4% wore headgear and 7% wore mouthguards.

Protecting young faces and mouths from bats and balls is just as important as from hard-charging linemen. Football has written protection into its rule book. But school yard soccer and softball is no time to let down your (mouth) guard.


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