Restorative Dentistry

Gone Missing

Artificial Jaw Missing a ToothLose a tooth?

We can help you choose the right replacement option.

CROWN & BRIDGE is a collective phrase for several methods of restoring teeth. When a tooth has been damaged but is healthy enough to save, we place a crown that covers it and binds it together for strength. Our all porcelain dental crowns are fashioned from a block of pure porcelain using our CERECĀ®, and best of all it’s milled right in our office so your permanent crown is placed in only a single short appointment.

Alternatively, when too much of the tooth is damaged, or if the tooth is missing completely, we use what is called a bridge to span the gap from a missing tooth. Conventional bridges usually involve crowns at both ends with a false tooth, called a “pontic.”

Whatever your situation, having missing or damaged teeth can severely hamper daily eating, speaking, and your appearance. So don’t hesitate to contact us today for a consultation and evaluation!

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