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Chronic Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

Dry Mouth Can Be Harmful Oral health includes a healthy flow of saliva. Dry mouth (also called xerostomia) is usually just a short term symptom of dehydration. However, if reduced saliva flow becomes a chronic issue, it can lead to more serious dental problems. That's because saliva coats teeth to provide a protective layer against bacteria, [...]

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The Good News About a Root Canal

Root Canal Therapy Halts Pain Many patients associate "root canal" with pain. In fact, this procedure is about pain relief. Toothache/tooth pain is commonly due to the buildup of pressure inside an infected tooth. When the nerve is damaged, conventional fillings won't stop the pain. The answer is to remove the nerve within the tooth [...]

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Dentures so Natural Looking…

Only Your Dentist Knows For Sure! With so many advances in modern dentistry, fewer people need full dentures. But for those that do have missing teeth, dentures and partials are more natural looking and discreet than ever. We can customize your dentures to fit your appearance (including considerations for skin, hair, and eye color) or [...]

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Find Relief for Sensitive Teeth

Do You Have Tooth Sensitivity? Tooth sensitivity can range from a mild annoyance to sudden severe pain. Most often triggered by hot, cold, sweet, or sour foods, those with the condition may or may not have visible cavities or damage present. That's why it often takes a dentist to determine the cause. If you're suffering [...]

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TMJ Symptoms

Know the Warning Signs! TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which is the connecting joint between the jawbone and skull. When muscles, jawbone, and teeth all operate properly, biting and chewing is coordinated to be smooth and pain-free. Sometimes, however, things can get "out of whack." When teeth don't line up properly in the upper or [...]

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Crowns & Bridges: How They Work

A missing tooth is more than just a hindrance to normal chewing, and more than a cosmetic bother. It's a threat to the entire architecture of your mouth. The mouth is dynamic. Where there is a missing tooth, neighboring teeth drift, gum disease may crop up, even the unprotected bone ridge is susceptible to damage. [...]

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“Is it a Cavity?”

Or something else... While most people think a toothache automatically means a cavity (or the need for a root canal), several other conditions can also cause temperature sensitivity, pain during chewing, and other symptoms typically associated with a toothache. Here are some of those causes: Gum Recession. When patients experience gum recession (which can be [...]

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CEREC Inlays, Onlays, & Crowns

What is the difference between Inlays, Onlays, and Crowns? They all strengthen and repair a damaged tooth, but generally the type of restoration we use is determined by the extent of the damage. At our practice we use CEREC, a computer aided technology that allows us to create dental crowns and other all-porcelain restorations is [...]

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Analyzing Bad Breath

Bad breath (or halitosis) happens to all of us from time to time, and nobody likes it. As well as being a social embarrassment, bad breath can also be a warning sign of more serious dental problems. By analyzing the type of bad breath patients complain of, we can help determine its cause. What Causes [...]

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Cavities without Pain?

If It Ain't Broke, Why Fix It? Patients are sometimes surprised when they have a cavity or two and wonder, "How can I need a filling when I haven't been in any pain?" Unfortunately this is common because cavities often don't give any warning signs at all. Teeth can become extremely broken down and even [...]

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