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Adult Fluoride Treatments

Topical Fluoride Treatments in Willits, CA No matter your age, fluoride helps prevent cavities, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. Fluoride is important for the health of teeth, and it's not just for kids—adults need fluoride too! Every day, our tooth enamel is threatened by erosion from acidic foods and drinks, as well as from bacteria [...]

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Coping With Dental Fear

We Have Suggestions It's normal to have some level of anxiety about going to the dentist, especially if you're expecting bad news. For many others, however, this anxiety rises to the level of fear/phobia. These patients may experience advanced signs of stress such as shaking, confusion, heart palpitations, or changes in blood pressure. Unfortunately, this [...]

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Nutritious Food Groups

For a Healthy Diet These nutritious foods can build health, ward off disease, and taste wonderful! Fatty fish—broiled, baked or grilled—may lower triglycerides and blood pressure, increase good cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of clotting. Whole grains are full of fiber, flavor and texture. They may lower your risk of heart disease, Type II [...]

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Do You Have TMJ Pain?

Helping You Solve TMJ Pain Some 10 million people suffer from some form of TMJ Disorder: from clicking or popping whenever they yawn, to intense migraine-like pain in the area around their ears. The temporamandibular joint is the hinge between your jaw and skull. The bone and muscles permit your jaw to move—not just up [...]

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Been Awhile Since Your Checkup?

Alert Us to Changes Any changes in your health should be discussed with your dentist. Whether you're a new patient visiting us for the first time, or a returning patient and it's been awhile since your last checkup, it's important to update us on any changes. Dental care is just one component of your overall [...]

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Dental X-rays: Get the Real Picture!

Critical for Diagnosis & Treatment Planning X-rays help pinpoint problems and avoid further complications. People are often concerned that they're receiving too much radiation from X-rays, so it's important to understand why the benefits of X-rays (taken at reasonable intervals) far outweigh the concerns! The purpose of X-rays is to pinpoint problems and avoid further [...]

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Should You Use Mouthwash?

The Answer is... Maybe! Mouthwash, or mouth rinses, are primarily used to remove food debris after brushing and flossing. They provide a pleasant taste, freshen the breath, and (depending on the active ingredient) can also protect against plaque & bacteria, periodontal disease, and/or cavities. So should everyone use mouthwash? Not exactly. Some people who use [...]

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Suffering with Dental Fear?

You can overcome it, and we'll help you do it! Can't bring yourself to schedule that next appointment? You may be busy, you may be a born procrastinator, or you may suffer from unwarranted dental fear. If so, you're not alone... millions stay away each year for just that reason. Everyone in our practice understands [...]

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Be Careful with Toothpicks

Toothpicks Can Cause Dental Injury and More Toothpicks are quick and convenient when food debris is stuck between teeth, however they're also a common cause of dental injury. Because they are so sharp, toothpicks can damage the gums and other soft tissue when used carelessly. They are somewhat ineffective, often pushing debris farther between teeth [...]

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Time for a New Toothbrush?

If it's been a while since you replaced your toothbrush, it may be time to look for signs of aging. A badly worn and frayed toothbrush is more than just ineffective, it can even do more harm than good. If you are unsure about the state of your toothbrush, just bring it in at your [...]

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