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Why Do Teeth Change Color?

Tooth Color Changes with Age & Use Find out what simple cosmetic dentistry can do to help! Our teeth start out white, but they naturally change color due to aging and with everyday use. While teeth typically grow darker and begin to yellow at around age 30, this can happen much sooner without proper brushing, [...]

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Amalgam & Silver Filling Removal

Metal-Free, Tooth-Colored Fillings in Willits, CA Fix cavities or replace old mercury amalgams with tooth-colored fillings. Chewing puts incredible stresses on teeth. That's why, in the past, filling cavities and restoring damaged teeth usually involved metals such as gold, silver, or an amalgam. (A mixture of metals, including mercury.) Today, you have a choice of [...]

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The Anatomy of a “Perfect” Smile

You've probably noticed that a friendly greeting (along with a bright smile) usually gets a smile in response! It's a good feeling we humans are lucky to share. But, what exactly composes a fine smile? What Makes Teeth Beautiful? The Smile Line There are dimensions to the ideal smile that dentists work to achieve. In [...]

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Smile with Confidence

Confidence & Self-Esteem Through Dentistry The Psychology of Teeth, Imperfections, and Self-Esteem Studies show that good-looking people receive preferential treatment over others. We may not like it, but it's human nature to perceive physically attractive individuals as more intelligent, likable, and honest. So who decides who's attractive? It's partially determined by cultural norms, however self-esteem [...]

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Brighten an Aging Smile

With Professional Teeth Whitening! Since it's natural for teeth darken as we age, teeth whitening can be one of the most effective ways to recapture that youthful appearance. Contact us today and discover how teeth whitening can safely and effectively lighten the color of your teeth, either with convenient in-office treatment or at-home whitening trays! [...]

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Improving Self Esteem

Do Looks Affect the Way People Treat You? Positive self esteem—how we feel about ourselves—is important to a healthy personality, the development of a positive attitude about life, and to achievement in the direction we choose. It is well documented that people with a positive "feeling" about themselves do better in school, in business, and have [...]

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One-Visit Whitening

Individual Results may vary Get Yours Today! Teeth whitening is a simple and safe way to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile. You're probably familiar with over-the-counter whitening products such as strips, toothpastes, or rinses. Well, these products may lighten your teeth over time with extended use, but they can never achieve [...]

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A Perfect Smile

If You've Got it, Flash it. If not, why not get it? Changes occur as we age. Teeth darken and develop little chips. Gums recede. Gaps appear. Before modern dentistry there wasn't much anyone could do except to eventually get dentures. Luckily, nowadays there are alternatives and often you can get a dazzling with simple [...]

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In Need of a Dental Tune Up?

Options are Available to Improve an Aging Smile Are you at the point in life where most everything still works, but there's just no denying that you're getting a little older? Maybe you hear your joints creak, and you've started wearing glasses to read. Your hair stylist suggests new ways to cover the gray... The [...]

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