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Woman With Confident SmileConfidence & Self-Esteem Through Dentistry

The Psychology of Teeth, Imperfections, and Self-Esteem

Studies show that good-looking people receive preferential treatment over others. We may not like it, but it’s human nature to perceive physically attractive individuals as more intelligent, likable, and honest.

So who decides who’s attractive? It’s partially determined by cultural norms, however self-esteem also plays a large role. If you feel attractive, you’ll feel more confident about yourself—and others will note that confidence and believe it!

Here’s where dentistry fits in. Your mouth is the most important feature of your face. People notice your teeth every time you speak or smile. If you think you have a less-than-perfect smile, you’ll feel less than perfect. But not to worry, there’s plenty of help right here in our office.

Cosmetic dentistry can make healthy and beautiful smiles a reality for everyone, so contact us today for a consultation. We have the tools to fix imperfections, and repair self-esteem as well!

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About the Author:

Dr. Henry W. Rued was born and grew up in Santa Rosa, California where he attended Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State College completing his pre-med studies and receiving a B.A. in English. His post graduate education was at Georgetown University where he was awarded his D.D.S. degree. He then elected to further his formal dental education by completing a general practice residency with the Veteran’s Administration at the Wadsworth Hospital in Los Angeles. Dr. Rued opened his practice in Willits in 1980. He is currently a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, the Redwood Empire Dental Society, and the Society for Computerized Dentistry.