10 Steps for Diabetics to Achieve a Healthier Mouth

The following are 10 steps to help you achieve a brighter smile and healthier body. They are effective in reducing gum problems and keeping your gums in good health.


1. Oral health is an essential part of general health.

2. Self-identify signs & symptoms of gum disease:

Bleeding gums , Swollen gums, Bad breath, Receding gums/tooth sensitivity, Shaky/loose teeht.

3. Inform your dentist if you:
-Have Diabeties Mellitus, Have relevant family medical history, have Heart disease,
-Are on long-term medication, use tobacco/smoke, have any other medical conditions.

4. Request for gum check-up (periodontal screening) to be performed as an essential part of your regular (at least twice yearly) dental check – up.

5. Please be aware that gum disease is an important complication of diabetes and uncontrolled gum disease
may worsen your diabetic condition.

6. Bacteria in plaque are the main cause of gum disease.
– Gum disease can be controlled by the effective removal of plaque by the following measures:
– Brush correctly twice a day with an appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste.
– Floss/clean in between the teeth once daily
– Chang toothbrush as necessary (2-3 months)
– Clean your tongue
– Oral rinse as advised by dentists

7. Stop smoking, eat healthy and exercise regularly for oral and general health.

8. Gum disease should be controlled prior to other dental treatments (e.g. orthodontic treatments, dentures, crowns, bridges, and implants).

9. Seek regular medical and dental check-ups. Comply with long term maintenance care (every 3 to 6 months) as advised.

10. Healthy lifestyle and healthy gums leads to healthy body.

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